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North Arlington, NJ

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Library Hours

Monday 9:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(Independence Day- Labor Day)
Tuesday 9:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Wednesday 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Friday 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

(Independence Day - Labor Day)
Sunday Closed

~Click Here: 2018 Holiday Closings~

Driving Directions (return to top of page)From Route 17 Going South:After you pass the Highland Cross light in Rutherford, take exit to Service Road and Local Streets. Keep right and follow the sign Local Streets. At the light make a left onto Orient Way. Stay in right lane. At the next light make a right onto Rutherford Ave. At the following light make a left onto Ridge Rd. Travel 2 (two) miles; (pass 12 lights). After you pass the Arlington Boulevard light (school on left) make the first left into the parking lot behind the North Arlington Public Library.From the Lincoln TunnelRoute 3 West: Stay in the middle lane. After you pass Giant Stadium, on the right, continue on Route 3 West for 2 more miles. Exit at Ridge Road-Park Ave. Exit. Turn left and follow the arrow to Lyndhurst. Travel South on Ridge Road approximately 2 miles. North Arlington Library is on the left side (between the North Arlington Borough Hall and Dunkin' Donuts).From George Washington Bridge, N.J.Follow signs for Route 80 West. Take exit 64 B for Route 17 South. At the ramp light make a left to follow Route 17 South sign. Stay in right lane. Pass one light. Move to left lane immediately. At the next light, make a left to enter Route 17 South. Travel on Route 17 South for about 4 (four) miles (5 lights). After you pass the Highland Cross light make exit onto Service Road and Local Streets. Stay on the right, and follow Local Streets sign. At the light make a left onto Orient Way. Stay in right lane. At the next light make a right onto Rutherford Ave. At the following light make a left onto Ridge Road. Travel 2 (two) miles; (pass 12 lights). After you pass the Arlington Boulevard light (school on left) make the first left into the parking lot behind the North Arlington Public Library.

For more driving directions please see

Book Fair (return to top of page)

Books discarded from the Library collection, and books donated that were not included in the collection, are available for a small donation of $ 1.00 per book you select. All Welcome. We apologize, but at this time, the library is not accepting any donations of used books. However, you can donate your used books to the Vietnam Veterans of America and they will pick up your items. You can call 1800-775-VETS, or gone online to schedule a pick up:

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call the Circulation Desk.

Borrowing Rules (return to top of page)

To borrow books, magazines, DVDs, videos, books-on-tape, CD's, or audio tapes, present your North Arlington Public Library card at the circulation desk.

The Library also honors library cards from the 75 communities that are members of Bergen County Cooperative Library System.

To receive a free library card present 2 identification documents that prove your residency in North Arlington.

Also, courtesy cards are issued free to adults working in North Arlington. You will need to present a library card from your hometown library and proof of employment in North Arlington.

Lending Period - 3 weeks. Feature films on DVD - 7 days.

Renewals - Additional 3 weeks, providing no one else is waiting for the item. Renewing materials may be done in person at any of the 75 libraries, by calling the circulation desk (201-955-5640), or on-line with your library card and personal identification number (PIN). Maximum of 2 renewals per item except DVDs.

Overdue Fine - $ .10 per day for each item that is not returned on time. Late charges for DVD's are $1.00 per day. Maximum fine per item is $15.00.

Reciprocal Borrowing (return to top of page)

Residents of the Borough with a valid North Arlington Public Library card may borrow from the following BCCLS Libraries that maintain reciprocal lending agreements within the Bergen County Cooperative Library System.

North Arlington Library's Public Computing Policies
(return to top of page)

North Arlington Public Library Policy for Public Use of the Computer ***The library is a wirleless hotspot!***

North Arlington Public Library offers computing access to the public in accordance with the Library's mission to provide resources for educational, informational, cultural, and recreational purposes.

The North Arlington Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet. The Library does not protect computer users or library patrons from content they may find offensive or futile. The Library does not restrict access in the adult room. However, in the children's room, the Librarians monitor the computers, when in use, in an attempt to guide access to content and usage appropriate for children.

Library patrons ages 17 and older may use the computers in the adult room.The Library computers are not to be used for any purposes that violate federal and New Jersey state laws.

Parental Permission

Parents and guardians of children under the age of 17 are responsible for their children's use of the computers and Internet at the Library. Children need to present their valid library card in order to use a PC.

Procedures and Regulations for Use of the Computers:

Priviliges & Conduct:

  • Use of the computers at North Arlington Public Library is a privilege. Violation of the library policies and regulations may result in the loss of computer access.
    Please be quiet as possible; keep socializing and conversation to a minimum. Keep to your own workstation, but be mindful that you are in a publicly visible area.
  • Respect the privacy of others.


  • The PC Workstations are available on a first-come-first-served basis, and advance reservations are not accepted.A time limit of one hour per day/per user may be enforced if patrons are waiting to use a PC.
  • As needs arise, additional time restrictions may be instituted by the library staff.


  • The reference librarians offer a brief orientation on the best, most current, and most useful sites on the Internet. Patrons are expected to know Windows, software and Internet browsers to navigate independently. Library staff cannot provide more then basic assistance, therefore adult continuing education courses may be helpful. Periodically the library offers these classes.
  • The library's computers are not intended to replace all the computing cababilities that your home computer allows for.


  • The charge for printing is $ .15 per page, payable at the Main Desk. For printing instructions, click here: NAPL Printing Intructions
    Users are asked to use their own headsets when listening to audio. Headsets are not available for public computers.
  • The library does not provide items for saving your work. Please save your work every 10 minutes to your own CD or USB Drive.

Unacceptable Use of the Computers:

  1. Users shall not damage computer equipment or disrupt network services or library operations.Users shall not download any software or documents to the computers. Users shall not make unauthorized entry to any other computer or system accessible via the Internet.Users shall not represent themselves as other persons.Users shall not impede use of or access to the Internet by others.Users shall not violate copyright or software licenses.
  2. Users shall close all sites they have accessed before leaving the computer.

Special Services (return to top of page)

Books as Tributes

There are times when we wish to honor a person to commemorate an important event, and a gift to your library affords an opportunity to do this. Books are fitting tributes to the people or events we wish to be remembered, for ideas in books live on.

Gifts are appropriate on many ocassions, such as birth or a new baby, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays and as memorials. A memorial gift is most often made on the death of a relative or a friend whose memory we wish to make lasting. It is fitting to help interests live on through books which the deceased might have selected. Whatever the interests, they can be promoted and shared through a gift to your public library. Gift books add particular richness to the collection, for volumes selected for tributes as limited to those which meet the library's needs.

If you would like to make a gift, use the following form. All contributions are tax deductible. The library staff will make an immediate thoughtful selection of a suitable book or books and will make the appropriate acknowledgement of the gift. A bookplate with the name of the person honored and the name of the donor will be placed in each book. Books provide lasting tributes which bring pleasure to scores of readers!

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Pass

The library offers a pass for 6 people to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. An adult library card in good standing and a $50 cash deposit are required to borrow the pass. For more information, please stop by the library.

American Museum of Natural History

The Library Offers Voucher's for The Museum of Natural History in New York City.
Each Voucher can be redemmed for free general admission and one special exhibition,
film, or live animal exhibition of the visitor's choosing. One library voucher per person
limited to 2 per family. An adult library card in good standing and a $5 cash deposit
are required to receive 2 vouchers. For more information please stop by the library.

Newark Museum

The library offersa pass for 4 people to the Newark Museum, in Newark New Jersey.
An adult library card in good standing and a $50 cash depositare required to borrow the pass. For more information, please stop by the library


English Language Tutoring Foreign language speaking adults who wish to learn the English language may apply for free individual tutoring at North Arlington Public Library. The adult student and tutor meet for a minimum of 2 hours every week at their mutual convenience to study the basics of reading, writing, and conversation, as well as intermediate composition, grammar, and pronunciation. Applications for tutoring are available at the Library's Main Desk.

Proctoring Service

The library offers free proctoring of exams. Before calling the library to set-up an appointment, please review the Proctoring Policy.

Volunteering (return to top of page)


The library could ocassionally use the assistance of volunteers with the following:

  • Story Hours for Preschoolers. English Language Tutoring Covering Books with Book Jackets. Book Repairs. Typing, Filing, and Office Functions. Delivering Books to the Homebound. Locating Books on Shelves for Loan Requests.
  • Other Projects.

Please speak with the Library Director about possible openings. Friends of the North Arlington Library ~If you would rather devote your time to the library as a member of the Friends of NAPL, fill out this registration form. An informational flier is available at the library's front desk.